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Share Settings

Looking to expand or restrict access to certain Folders or resources? Learn more below.

Share Settings

Share Settings enable you to control access to Folders, so you can decide who can view a Folder and the resources and Users within it.

Navigate to Share Settings

To open the Share Settings window, navigate to the Folder you want to manage and click the Share Settings icon.

Within this window you'll see the following:

  • Organizational Unit (1) - This area provides information about the Organizational Unit of the Folder.
  • Folder Permissions (2) - This area provides options for adjusting the access permissions for the Folder.

Managing Organizational Unit

User Roles can either be applied directly to Users, or to a Folder containing Users. When a User Role is applied to a Folder via the Organizational Unit setting, the Users in the Folder can inherit their User Permissions from the Folder. This makes it easy to create new Users within the Folder and have them inherit a certain set of Permissions automatically.

To change the Organizational Unit for a Folder, select one of the options listed under the Organizational Unit drop-down menu.

Managing Folder Permissions

Folder Permissions allow you to assign specific types of permissions to Organizational Units, or individual Users.

To assign permissions, select an Organizational Unit (1) or User (2) to add them to the Access List (3).

You can use the toggles to adjust permissions for Users or Units within the Access List.

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