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About Users

Start here to learn what a User is and see what you can do with User Accounts in Xencall.

About Users

Users are the people in your organization who have access to your Xencall system via a User Account. This includes Agents who make calls and Admins who manage Agents and administer the Xencall system.

User management is typically handled by Admins, however permission for managing Users can be applied to any User account.

User Permissions, Roles and Groups

Permissions in Xencall determine the level of system access and features available for each User, and can be applied individually to the User or determined by their Role or Group. Learn more here:

Creating and Removing Users

If you'd like to create or remove Users in your Xencall system, you can easily do so by following these instructions:

Managing Users

Xencall offers several features to help you manage your User accounts:

  • User Management - Find options to create, remove, view and sort your Users.
  • User Settings - Manage User Login and Password, adjust Phone and Email Settings and more.

Watch the video below to see an overview of some of the common tasks involving Users.

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