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Using Xencall

Getting started with Xencall? This article will help guide you to the articles you'll want to review when learning how to use your system.

Using Xencall

When you start out with Xencall, your system includes two basic user roles - Agents and Admins. How you'll use Xencall depends on your role.

Note that user roles and permissions are fully customizable in Xencall, so your user roles may be different than described below if your system has already been set up.

For Agents

Agents are users who use Xencall primarily to make and receive phone calls to communicate with leads.

If you're an Agent, we recommend you sign up for our free Agent Training in Xencall Academy to learn how to use Xencall to call leads. You can also review the articles in the following sections:

Every business uses Xencall differently, so if you're a new Agent be sure to confirm with your manager if there are any business processes you need to be aware of before you start dialing!

For Admins

Admins are users who use Xencall primarily to manage Agents and the leads their Agents are calling. Some Admins may also be responsible for system administration, such as setting up Xencall for the first time or making changes to the configuration.

If you're an Admin, we recommend you review the articles in the following sections to learn how to use Xencall to manage Agents and leads and monitor performance metrics:

For Admins who are responsible for system administration, we also recommend reviewing these sections to learn how to make changes to the system:

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